When Fats Are Not Absorbed

While fats are sometimes thought of as “bad,” they actually play a very important role in proper nutrition and health. Certain kinds of fats are critical to normal growth and development.

But what happens if your body doesn’t properly break down (digest) these fats?

Fats that are not broken down could result in:

  • Stomach pain
  • Gas
  • Oily or foul-smelling stools
  • An unusually full feeling in your stomach
  • Feeling like you may throw up

Not only that, but fats that are not broken down can also result in:

  • Getting fewer calories or not enough calories
  • Not being able to gain or maintain weight
  • Losing weight
  • Not getting enough of certain kinds of fats (such as omega-3 fats, which are fats that provide energy and are important for normal development and growth)
  • Having lower levels of some vitamins

That’s why it’s important for your body to be able to absorb fats. But sometimes your body needs a little help.

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