A Setup That's Quick and Easy

Setting up and using RELiZORB with your enteral tube feeding set is simple.
Just follow the instructions below, step by step

  1. Connect the RELiZORB cartridge to the end of the feed set tubing.
    This illustration provides step-by-step instructions for using RELiZORB with an enteral tube feeding set.
  2. Prime the feeding formula through to the outlet of the RELiZORB cartridge.
  3. Connect RELiZORB outlet to the extension set that connects to the patient.
  4. Then prime the feeding formula to the end of the pump extension set, and set the pump to the prescribed flow rate between 24 and 120 mL/hr. Proceed with feeding.

For more detailed instructions on set-up, see the Patient Guide.

Using RELiZORB for More Than 500 mL

Each RELiZORB may be used for up to 500 mL of enteral tube feeding formula. Do not use one RELiZORB for more than 500 mL in a feeding, as it may not work as well to break down all the fat. If you use less than 500 mL of formula in a feeding, you must throw away the RELiZORB after use.

Learn more about Tandem RELiZORB.

Helpful Quick Tips


Connecting & Using RELiZORB With Your Enteral Tube Feeding Setup

  • Please be sure to use RELiZORB exactly as prescribed by your doctor during each feeding. Do not make any changes to your feeding care plan without first speaking with your doctor or healthcare provider
  • Medicines and saline flushes may only be added to the enteral feed line after RELiZORB. Medicines may be added to the side port of a Y-connector extension set located between RELiZORB and the patient (see image above)
  • Examine the RELiZORB pouch. Do not use the RELiZORB cartridge if:
    • The pouch is broken
    • The current date is past the expiration date shown on the pouch
  • Do not use the RELiZORB cartridge if:
    • The RELiZORB is damaged
    • The RELiZORB has been previously used
  • Connect the RELiZORB cartridge to the end of the enteral feeding pump tubing set. Insert the outlet fitting from the enteral feeding pump tubing set into the inlet of the RELiZORB cartridge. Use a twisting motion until the connection is tight (see image below)

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