Now That You Know How RELiZORB May Help, What's Next?

  1. The process begins when you visit your doctor. When your doctor writes a prescription for RELiZORB, you may be asked for a verbal confirmation of consent if you haven’t signed the RELiZORB Patient Enrollment Form. It is important that you fill out this enrollment form and fax it to 1-844-233-3146 because:
    • It gives your consent for RELiZORB Support Services to contact you and arrange for delivery of RELiZORB
    • It gives your consent to allow RELiZORB Support Services to contact your health insurance company to begin the process of getting RELiZORB to you
    Once you are enrolled, your RELiZORB Support Services Program Coordinator may call you to welcome you to the program and answer any questions you might have.

    Please keep in mind that this phone number will look unfamiliar or even appear as an "unknown caller." If you are not able to answer the call, be sure to listen to the voice mail and call RELiZORB Support Services back at your earliest convenience.
  2. A representative from our specialty pharmacy, Asembia/ASPN pharmacy, will contact you directly to communicate the status of your RELiZORB prescription.
  3. While we are working to obtain coverage for you, there are other programs available that provide financial & coverage support throughout the process; learn more.
  4. Once your first RELiZORB prescription is filled, simply contact RELiZORB Support Services at 1-844-632-9271 when it’s time for a refill. A support person will start the process for you through our specialty pharmacy, Asembia/ASPN.
    • Remember, you can always call RELiZORB Support Services at any point during the enrollment process, or to learn about refills and shipment status. Our team will triage your call to the right person.

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