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Alcresta Therapeutics has been making great strides in gaining sustainable coverage for RELiZORB patients with several insurance providers. Join our Facebook Community to receive updates, or call RELiZORB Support Services at 1-844-632-9271 for more information.

Alcresta Therapeutics, Inc. wants to make sure you have the resources you need along the way so that your experience when using RELiZORB is the best it can be. We provide financial support, answers to commonly asked questions, and a dedicated program coordinator that's just a phone call away.

Your doctor prescribed RELiZORB because your body needs help breaking down fats from your enteral tube feeding formula. When fats are not broken down properly, it can lead to GI symptoms like stomach pain, gas, and an unusually full feeling in your stomach. Please be sure to use RELiZORB exactly as prescribed by your doctor during each feeding. Do not make any changes to your enteral feeding care plan without first speaking with your doctor or healthcare provider.


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