Getting Enough of Certain Fats?

When fats are not broken down (digested), this can result in getting fewer calories or not enough calories, not being able to gain or maintain weight, losing weight, having lower levels of some vitamins, and not getting enough of certain kinds of fats (such as omega-3 fats) which are important for normal growth and development.


How RELiZORB can help

Your doctor may prescribe RELiZORB for you if your body needs help breaking down (digesting) fats from your enteral tube feeding formula. RELiZORB is designed for use by people who have trouble breaking down (digesting) fats and need enteral tube feeding. People who many benefit from RELiZORB cannot properly make digestive enzymes. If fats are not broken down, you can have stomach pain, gas, oily or foul-smelling stools, an unusually full feeling, or feel like throwing up.

What RELiZORB can mean for you...

  • Most available fats* are broken down during enteral feeding
  • Your levels of important omega-3 fatty acids can increase
  • The amount of time you experience bothersome events like abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea can be reduced
  • A device that's easy to set up and use
  • Financial and patient support are available along the way

*Greater than 90% of available fats hydrolyzed in most enteral formulas tested, including Nutren 2.0, Impact Peptide 1.5, Peptamen 1.5, Peptamen AF, and Nutren 1.0. Percentage of fat hydrolysis is estimated based on label claim for content, calculated using 500 mL of formula with a pump rate of 120 mL/hr. Formula manufacturers may change the composition of their formulas, which may affect the operation of RELiZORB. Please refer to formula product websites for recent product descriptions, ingredients, and nutritional information.

Here's how RELiZORB works

RELiZORB is a digestive enzyme cartridge that contains the enzyme lipase. RELiZORB is used with enteral tube feeding to help break down the fats. Lipases are enzymes that are normally made in the body to break down (digest) fats (trigyclerides) into an absorbable form (fatty acids and monoglycerides). The lipase enzyme used in RELiZORB is attached to the white beads (iLipase), which are visible through the side of the cartridge.

This illustration shows how easily RELiZORB (iMMOBILIZED LIPASE) CARTRIDGE connects in line with your enteral tube feeding set up.

Here's how RELiZORB helps

  1. Inside the RELiZORB cartridge is a digestive enzyme called lipase, which is attached to the small white beads that you can see through the clear cartridge.
  2. As the enteral tube feeding formula passes through RELiZORB, it makes contact with the lipase-enzyme bead combination (called iLipase™), and the fat in the formula is broken down to its absorbable form (called fatty acids and monoglycerides).
  3. The fats that are now broken down to their absorbable form leave the cartridge and enter your body, while the iLipase remains in the cartridge.

This diagram shows as the enteral tube feeding formula passes through RELiZORB, it makes contact with the lipase-enzyme bead combination and the fat in the formula is broken down.


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